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Low Back Pain

From a mild dull ache to flat out on your back, Low Back Pain comes in many forms. It can creep in over a few months of hard work or, with injury, can come quick and fast and strong. If you have ever experienced any degree of pain in the low back area you'll know it can have a big impact on your day-to-day life.

Whether due to injury or overwork Low Back Pain is an example of Qi stagnation, Blood stasis or Qi deficiency. When Qi stagnates it causes pain that is dull (light or strong). The pain can seem to throb and is generally fixed in location (does not move around). When there is an injury (slipped disc or minor muscle tear) it creates a sharp strong pain that can be debilitating. This is the pain of blood stasis. When there is weakness, Qi deficiency, in the channels that run through the low back (Kidney and Bladder or Gall Bladder channels) you may experience a low dull ache along the course of the channel; often from the low back, through the buttock and down the back or side of the leg (a.k.a. sciatica).

Our low back area is integral to our structure, it is the central point from where we pivot as we move throughout the day, whether walking, bending, lifting or reaching, the central axis is our low back and lower abdomen.

So what can we do?

Acupuncture moves Stagnant Qi or Blood Stasis and nourishes deficient Qi in the channels. Our bodies contain an intricate weaving of channels of Qi, meaning we can needle the local painful area or we can needle points along the course of the channel to have effect on the affected area. So, yes, sitting in a recliner and receiving treatment for low back pain is possible. Depending on the degree of pain you are experiencing you may need a combination of bodywork and acupuncture, initially, to decrease the pain and increase healing. Once the strong pain has decreased you can then receive treatment once every two weeks or so, just to maintain your free moving back and prevent pain and stagnation in the future.

Tips for your day-to-day life....

Bend with your knees .... A piece of wisdom for all people who can bend over! When we bend with our knees we support the structure of the low back and use leg muscles instead of back muscles to lower ourselves to the ground. Humans are designed to squat to lower our bodies and every time we bend over we put undue pressure on the low back, if we are doing this over and over again we weaken the area and leave it vulnerable to injury.

Walk with the toes straight ahead....... When we walk with our toes out to each side the lower abdomen loses muscle tone and the pelvis tilts forward. This results in a tightening of the muscles of the low back. If this is how we walk day after day, it results in very tight muscles which, when we go to reach for something, can strain or tear resulting in pain and limited movement.