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No Degrees of Separation

i started seeing susanda some time ago as i had won a gift certificate to
six degrees community. i had been undergoing private acupuncture for years
previous however it was getting cost prohibitive. i was immediately
impressed with the space but more importantly i really enjoyed the concept
and approach to healing as well as instantly liking the person who was
going to be sticking needles into me!! that is very important to me.
community acupuncture has allowed me to enjoy and reap the benefits from
regular treatments which something that i could not do before.

recently i have been getting treatments for a knee injury which did not
allow me to ride my bicycle. this was depressing for me as the weather was
changing for the better. i also have been dealing with hormonal imbalances
and in my daily life i was negotiating with my soon to be sixteen year
old. she wanted to have a hollywood style sweet sixteen such as a camping
trip outside of the city or an overnight hotel stay downtown with room
service both of which no adults were allowed. her requests received a 'no'
and envitably i had ruined her life in that moment. we finally decided on
a house party but she wanted me 'out' the house which was not happening or
at least not the way she thought. after more tears, we finally agreed that
i would stay in the house but i would reside in my room, only accessing
the house as needed. her friends could basically have the house so to
speak but knowing i was just behind a door. while we negotiated the
evening it gave me an
opportunity to discuss some subjects such as alcohol, smoking, drinking
and driving, rules of the home, sex and safety. this sweet sixteen had
opened up a dialogue that had me gain some access to the life of my

what does this have to do with six degrees? well in that week after my
treatment for my knee and hormonal imbalance, susanda had asked me if i
was feeling the need to express my emotions, if i had experienced release
because my treatments had focused on specific organs that can also result
in certain emotinal states. i blurted out yes! my soon to be sweet sixteen
child and i had bonded through the trials and tribulations of our
negotiations. i expressed, she expressed and even though days prior i had
ruined her life (at least 2 times i can remember within the negotiations),
we had actually grown closer through the experience.